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ISTH Council Committees and Rosters

ISTH’s Bylaws authorize the ISTH Council to establish committees that it deems necessary to conduct the business of the society.These committees recommend to the Council policies, programs and actions related to their areas of expertise and responsibility. They also implement recommendations for approved by the Council.


Committees include:




Education and Outreach

Ensures the greatest possible impact of the Society’s educational programs on the thrombosis and haemostasis community

Chairman: Yukio Ozaki
Vice Chairman: Claire McLintock
Pantep Angchaisuksiri
Omolade Awodu
Alicia Blanco
Geoffrey Barnes
Suzanne Cannegieter
Andreas Greinacher
Yu Hu
Manjunatha Kini
Steven Kitchen
Flora Peyvandi
Suely Rezende
Frits Rosendaal
Chris Ward
Stephen Watson


Ensures that the Society adheres to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct, creating a climate of trust, transparency, respect and integrity among all constituents.


Chairman: Paula Tracy
Vice Chairman: James Morrissey
Dermot Cox
Alan R. Giles
Vera Ignjatovic
Randal Westrick


Manages, on behalf of the Council, the daily activities of the Society in between Council meetings, within the framework of the policies and procedures set by the Council


Chairman of Council: Nigel Key
Secretary/Chairman-Elect: Ingrid Pabinger
Treasurer: Bjorn Dahlback
Secretary General: J. Evan Sadler
Immediate Past Chairman of Council/Special Advisor: Michael Berndt
SSC Chairman: Sabine Eichinger
Chair of Education Committee: Yukio Ozaki
Chair of the Publications Committee: Jeff Weitz
2015 Congress President: Sam Schulman
2013 Congress President: Frits Rosendaal


Ensures prudent use of the Society’s resources and protects the financial health of the organization


Chairman: Bjorn Dahlback
Vice-Chairman: Jeffrey Weitz
Kenneth A. Bauer
Nuala Booth
Yukio Ozaki
Jose Lopez


Ensures that the Society complies with its Bylaws, mission and governing documents

Chairman: Paula Tracy
Vice-Chairman: Anna Falanga
Bjorn Dahlback
Morty Poncz
Saskia Middeldorp
Ex-officio: Ingrid Pabinger
Ex-officio: Evan Sadler

Guidelines and Guidance
Develops, oversees and coordinates the transparent process for the development and/or approval of guidelines and guidance documents the Society wishes to produce or endorse.

Chairman: James Douketis
Vice-Chairman: Jeffrey Weitz
Andreas Greinacher
Nigel Key
Marcel Levi
David Lillcrap
Gordon Lowe
Alok Srivastava
Alberto Tosetto

Lectures and Awards

Oversees named lectureships, awards and other recognitions that don’t require an open competitive application process

Chairman: Marco Cattaneo
Vice Chairman
: James Morrissey
Peter Lenting
Jose Lopez
Diego Mezzano
Heyu Ni
Ex-officio: Sam Schulman

Membership and Communications

Promotes the Society’s membership, communication, programs, builds its brand and helps increase its visibility and impact

Chairman: Claire McLintock
Vice-Chairman:Marco Cattaneo
Pantep Angchaisuksuri
Jeffrey Berger
Thein Oo
Ingrid Pabinger
Aurora de la Pena
Suely Rezende
Oxana Tcherniantchouk
Cheng Hock Toh


Oversees the nomination and election process

Chairman: Peter Lenting
Vice-Chairman: Anna Falanga
Bjorn Dahlback
Paul Kim
Alok Srivastava
Steve Watson


Supports future ISTH Congress and SSC Annual Meeting presidents and local organizing committees

Chairman: Frits Rosendaal
Vice Chairman: Sam Schulman
Yasuo Ikeda
Cheng Hock Toh
Bob Montgomery
Jean-Francois F Schved
Johannes Oldenburg
Robert Medcalf


Supports the editors and oversees the Society’s journal and other publications from a strategic, commercial and management aspect.

Chairman: Jeff Weitz
Vice-Chairman: David Lillicrap
Marco Cattaneo
Mike Makris
James Morrissey
Andrew Weyrich
Ex-Officio: Bjorn Dahlback
Ex-Officio: Frits Rosendaal
Ex-Officio: Pieter Reitsma

Young Professionals Task Force
Makes recommendations to the Society on meeting the needs of Young Professionals in the organization.Chairman:Geoffrey Barnes
Caterina Casari
Ketan Kulkarni
Mandy Lauw
Joshua Muia
Inolyn Pandjaitan
Elena Ristovska
Nicoletta Riva
Luciana Wermelinger Serrão
Gevorg Tamamyan
Jeffry Tenggara
Boulaftalli Yacine


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