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For decades, the ISTH has educated members of the global thrombosis and haemostasis community through its meetings. But not everyone can attend these live events. Even with the help of initiatives such as our Reach-the-World program, or travel grants there are still thousands of clinicians, researchers, educators, students/trainees and allied health professionals who are unable to participate or who would rather learn at their own pace and time of choosing.

With this in mind, we are increasingly using technology to broaden the impact of our knowledge and educational programs. Transcending international boundaries and time zones, we provide thrombosis and haemostasis information whenever and wherever it is needed.

Please note that ISTH’s online educational resources are an important benefit of membership. If you are not a member of ISTH and would like to have access, we invite you to join ISTH today!

Presentations and Webcasts

If you are an ISTH member, you can access educational resources from all of our events. These include select presentations from ISTH Congresses, SSC Meetings and ISTH-sponsored educational courses.

To access past webcasts:

  1. Sign in to the ISTH website with your username and password
  2. Click on the Webcasts button below


We offer full multimedia presentations that include speakers’ laser pointer movements, PowerPoint animations, embedded video files and more. These resources are organized by session, speaker and webcast and/or presentation file name.

Not an ISTH member? If you attended any of the past ISTH Congresses or SSC Meetings, you can access presentations and webcasts from events you’ve attended. Click here to view resources for ISTH event participants.

Special Note for SSC 2014 Attendees:
SSC 2014 Meeting attendees who are non-ISTH members may access all 2014 webcasts by logging into the ISTH Academy website. Please use the email that you used to register for SSC 2014 as your username/password.
Contact us for additional help!


Through its educational arm, the ISTH Academy, the ISTH has begun hosting a series of webinars on practical thrombosis and haemostasis issues that scientists and physicians frequently confront. These webinars will allot time for participants to ask questions and will cover the latest information on relevant topics.

Click here for a list of upcoming webinars.

ISTH Academy began holding online webinars in late May 2014. These are now available for anyone to download and listen, for free! Simply click the webinars button below to create an account and get started.

Previous webinars:
May 2014: Advances in Pediatric Thrombosis
August 2014: Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP): New Insights in Pathogenesis and Treatment Modalities
September 2014: Women and Coagulation Disorders

October 2014: von Willebrand Disease (VWD): New Insights





We are developing an online learning system dedicated to the many aspects of haemostastis and particularly thrombosis, including its basis in the coagulation system, etiology and prognosis, and diagnosis and management. This system will offer interactive and multimedia modules featuring key lectures from some of the leading experts in the field.


ePosters are an electronic version of traditional scientific Posters. Members can browse posters by meeting, topic and speaker from any computer. Communicate with poster authors even if you missed them at the meeting.

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