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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Room: 717

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Emerging Trends and Strategies in Thrombosis Medicine: Practical Dimensions of NOAC Based Management of Acute and Extended Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Bayer HealthCare

Jointly sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Office of CME and CMEducation Resources, LLC.

Moderators: Samuel Z. Goldhaber (United States) and Ajay Kakkar (United Kingdom)

Lecture Time Lecture Title Speaker
12:15 - 12:25 Welcome and Introduction Samuel Z. Goldhaber (United States)
12:25 - 12:45 Practical, Evidence-Based Dimensions of Employing Oral Factor Xa Inhibitors in Patients with Acute PE: The Role of Key Clinical Factors—Severity of PE, Previous Anticoagulation, Bleeding Risk, Dosing, and Regimen Adherence—and Trial Data in Selecting an Evidence-Based Approach to Acute and Extended Management of PE Samuel Z. Goldhaber (United States)
12:45 - 13:05 Special, Practical Considerations When Employing Oral Factor Xa Inhibitors in Patients with VTE: Bridging Therapy, Switching from VKAs to NOAC-Based Treatment, Cancer-Related VTE, Optimizing Bleeding Risk Reduction, and Patient Preference Issues Ajay Kakkar (United Kingdom)
13:05 - 13:25 Applying Year 2014 ESC Guidelines for Acute and Extended Management of PE to the Front Lines of Thrombosis Practice: How Are the New ESC Guidelines for PE Management Directing Us? How Do We Match Specific Patients with PE with Specific Oral Anticoagulants? Stavros Konstantinides (Germany)
13:25 - 13:35 Interactive Case‐Based Simulations in Acute and Extended Duration Anticoagulation for PE: Practical, Real World Management Decisions Using Oral Factor Xa Inhibitors in Patients with VTE All
13:35 - 13:40 Summary and Take Home Messages: The Evolving Foundation Role of Oral Factor Xa Inhibition for Acute and Extended Anticoagulation of PE and DVT: A Year 2015 Science‐to‐Practice Vision Statement Samuel Z. Goldhaber (United States)
13:40 - 13:45 Questions and Answers  

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