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Nurses Committee - Abstracts & Presentations

Abstract presentations from ISTH 2007


1. Improving Communication and Supporting Efficient Product Use with Electronic Recording

2. Development of a Specialization Program for Haemophilia Nurses in Italy



1. Clinical Significance of Mean Platelets Volume in Coronary Artery Disease

2. The Implementation of a Nurse Specialist Model of Care Improves Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Rates in Medical and Surgical Patients

3. Bayesian Statistical Modeling of Patients INR Records using Repeated Measures Models and Individual Time Series

4. KidClot: Kids Informed Decrease Complications: Learning on Thrombosis-Child Focused Education to Facilitate Adherence


Abstract presentations from ISTH 2009

Venous stasis ulcer in pediatric patient with post-phlebitic syndrome

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Darlene Castles (CA)

 Psycho-social issues of adolescents with chronic illness

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Anna O'Sullivan (IE)

 Patient education and knowledge transfer

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Rebecca Goldsmith (US)

Don't see Red: Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) in patients with coagulopathies.

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Mary Bauman (CA)


Abstract Presentations ISTH 2011

Examining the education needs of parents learning to use an infusaport in their child with hemophilia

Janine Furmedge* (AU), Paul Monagle (AU), Chris Barnes (AU), Fiona Newall (AU)

 The learning process of self infusion in haemophilia: Finally some numbers we could give to our patients

Liesbeth Helene Schrijvers* (NL), Marlene Beijlevelt-Van der Zande (NL), Marjolein

Peters (NL), Kathelijn Fischer (NL)

 An innovative clinic approach to increase patient participation in their health care

Mary Elisabeth Bauman* (CA), M. Patricia Massicotte (CA), Aisha Bruce (CA)


Invited research papers

– Survey on the role and challenges of nurses in education of home infusion for hemophilia patients and family

Orie Ono (JP)

 –– Lower than expected clot rates in the absence of effective thromboprophylaxis

Debi Smith (NZ)

 –– Initiation of warfarin therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation comparison 5mg vs. 3mg

Bunis Packham (UK)


Abstract poster presentation

 Discrepant one-stage versus chromogenic FVIII:C assays in the management of haemophilia A carriers

Claire Bell* (AU), Ross I. Baker (AU), Jim Thom (AU)

 The ongoing impact of 25 years of hepatitis C (HCV) infection in people with inherited bleeding disorders (IBD)

Allison L. Greig (UK), Steve Austin (UK)

 CVADs in children with haemophilia, a multi centre study

Karin Lindvall* (SE), Kate Khair (UK), James Porter

 Social networking in haemophilia: Adolescents’ views

Kate Khair* (UK), Mike Holland (UK), Shawn Carrington (UK)

 Functional health status assessment in haemophilia patients with the International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF, ICF-CY)

SILVIA RIVA* (IT), Gringeri Alessandro (IT), Monika Bullinger (DE), Sylvia von Mackensen (DE)

 The nurse and thrombosis center in a developing country

Eliane Partite Nobre Sandoval* (BR), Paula Ribeiro Villaca (BR), Erica Okazaki (BR), Audrey Kruse Zeinad Valim(BR),, Dalton de Alencar Fischer Chamone (BR), Elbio Antonio D’Amico(BR)

 Development of a pediatric thrombosis educational tool (flash cards) for children receiving oral anticoagulation

Leonardo Rodrigues Brandao* (CA), Elbio D'Amico (BR), Jorge D.A. Carneiro, (BR), Frederica Cassis (BR)


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