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Nurses Committee - Abstracts & Presentations
See below for past abstracts and presentations from ISTH Congresses:


2015 Abstracts and Presentations Author/Presenter
History of thrombosis management in Canada Laurie Sardo (CA)
History of haemophilia care structure in Canada Rebecca Goldsmith (CA)
How participating in a clinical trial has had a far reaching effect Carolyn McGregor (AU)
Barriers to inform haemophilia carriers of the possibility in Japan Tomie Fujii (Japan)
Review of HTC needs assessment Ann Forsberg (US)
Haemophila and aging: promoting healthy aging through proactive engagement with general practitioners Olivia Hollingdrake (AU)
Review of research of haematuria disorders Greta Mulders (NE)
Epidemiology of asymptomatic thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome following the use of central lines Fiona Newall (AU)
Cardiology thrombosis project collaboration between two services and nurse practitioners Marilyn Blemenstein (US)
Shared decision-making in anticoagulation management Sue Rhodes (UK)
Thrombosis and anticoagulation program home INR monitoring and neonatal prophylactic enoxaparin dosing Kathy Harney (UK)
Adherence with DOACs – application to clinical practice Bunis Packham (UK)
Thrombosis and cancer; education and QOL consideration Annie Young (UK)
Carrier testing, genetics, education, ethics, age, etc Robyn Shoemark (AU)
National patients needs assessment Regina Butler (US)
Mild haemophilia A, a manageable condition? Daryl Pollack (NZ)
Serbia: inhibitors and port placement – lessons learned Ljiljana Rakic (Serbia)
Thrombosis – barriers to care Elizabeth Dotse (Ghana)
Literature review workshop Fiona Newall (AU)
When 2N VWD should be considered a differential diagnosis Claire McGregor (AU)
The DDAVP challenge – an audit to assess practice in a UK Haemophilia Centre DW George, James Uprichard, Anne Wareing (UK)
Closing the gap: a multidisciplinary approach developing local services for rural and remote patients with bleeding disorders James Slade (AU)
Non-adherence to prophylaxis in haemophilia: extent and underlying reason Marlies Schrivers, Marlene; Beijlevet-van der Zande, Marjolein Peters, Janske, Lock, Marjon Cnossen, Marieke Shuumans, Kathelijn Fischer (NE)
Expanding the knowledge base: opportunities and challenges for allied professionals in bleeding disorder research in Canada Neale Smith, Claude, Bartholomew (CA)
Developing a nurse led ultrasound scanning service to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of lower limb DVT – improving patient care and reducing the risk of unnecessary anticoagulants in a UK primary care setting Jo Boyd (UK)
Overweight is a risk factor of VTE after total knee arthroscopy despite Rivaroxaban thromboprophylaxis Christine Cockhill, Owais Mian, MaryAnne Rizzo, Deborah Siegal, Howard Chan, Ellen McDonald (CA)
Managing anticoagulation therapy risk through the MDT ward round at King’s College Hospital Jignesh patel, lara Roberts, Emma Gee, Rosalind Byrne, Julia Czuprynska, Kwesi Kittoe, Alison Brown, Raj Patel, Lynda Bonner, Roopen Arya (UK)
Safe discharge planning for patients on anticoagulants: launch of a new quality improvement tool for nurses Suzette Chung, Carla Strulovitch, Jessica Emed, Hetal Patel (CA)
Direct-acting oral anticoagulants in the real world: insights into appropriate prescribing and medication use Jennifer Delaney, Sam Schulman, Mary Salib, Mohamed Panju, Menaka Pai
Novel oral anticoagulant checklists for front line clinicians, Jennifer Lowerison, Jannifer Jennifer Lowerison, Jannifer Bolt, Tammy Bungard, Darcy Lamb (CA)
A cross-sectional registry on the incidence of gastrointestinal associated symptoms with Pradaxa use (GASP registry) Michelle M Zondag, Laurie Sardo, Sam Schulman (CA)
Assessing oral anticoagulant use in long term care residents: evidence for ongoing suboptimal use 2014 Carlos Rojas-Fernandez, Aein Zarrin, Melissa Warkentin, Jennifer, Bonneau, Jennifer, Hartwick, Susan Brown (CA)
‘Post Thrombotic Panic’: Panic, positive outcomes and the paradoxical impact of VTE Rachael Hunter, Paul Bennett, Sarah Lewis, Jaynie Rance, Simon Noble (UK)
Review of VWD guidelines Vanessa Bouskill (CA)
Anticoagulation management for ventricular assist devices: A review Hollie Gilmore
Cochrane report and UKHCDO guidelines Kate Khair (UK)
Impact on footwear an ankle arthropathy in patients with haemophilia Karen Strike (CA)
Prophylaxis and impact on pain Ann O Sullivan (IE)
Compression hosiery and post thrombotic syndrome, Grace Hughes (UK)
Innovative treatment for managing post thriombotic syndrome Charlene Gates (US)
First experience with the haemoassist: An electronic substitution diary which works on the basis of a personal digital assistant Manuele Siebert (Germany)

2013 Abstracts and Presentations Author/Presenter
A Nurse’s Perspective on Healthcare Practice in the Netherlands Marlies Schrijvers (NL)
Counselling by healthcare professional for patients taking oral direct inhibitors as anticoagulant therapy Caroline Baglin (UK)
Telemedicine: Physician supported rural (HTC) making a difference for patients Michelle Witkop (US)
Subcutaneous injection of enoxaparin in neonates Rebecca Goldsmith (CA)
Personalised prophylaxis in haemophilia A: how low can you go? Allison L. Greig (UK)
Thromboprophylaxis: Analysis of hospital acquired Thrombosis Gayle Porter (UK)
Haemophilia and Home Treatment: Optimizing skills by an e-learning program Greta Mulders (NL)
Barriers and motivators of adherence to prophylactic treatment in haemophilia Marlies Schrijvers (NL)
Benchmarking Anticoagulation & Thrombosis: A service lead by a nurse consultant - evidence of medicine adherence Bunis Packham (UK)
Adherence scale in haemophilia Natalie Duncan (US)
Haemostatic Markers and Sleep Quality among Shift Work and Day work female nurses Gleb Saharov (IL)
Challenges for midwifery in VTE prevention Catherine Manning (IE)
Lower limb fractures and VTE a UK perspective Huw Rowswell (UK)
Risk of recurrence of VTE assessment following discontinuation of initial treatment of anticoagulation Caroline Baglin (UK)
Haemophilia Twinning in Africa Bostwana, Ghana and Kenya Regina Butler (US) Jen Maahs (US)
Management of the haemophilia in Northern Cape, South Africa; A nurse’s perspective Ms. Suzie Peterson(SA)
Challenges to diagnosis and treatment of women with bleeding disorders - South Africa Northern Cape (Kimberley) Ms. Suzie Peterson (SA)
Establishing haemophilia care in China: A nurse’s perspective Kuixing (Jessica) Li, (CH)
Care of families with Antithrombin deficiency Ann O’Sullivan (IE)
New Innovation -Models of care pathway using new oral anticoagulants Jim Munn (USA )
Mild bleeding disorders and sports: Risk assessment Maura Malone (US)
The pharmacokinetics of dosing factor based on ideal body weight in the obese pt. Anne Graham (US)
Treating women while pregnant with high dose of Immunoglobulin G (IVIG) and reducing complications Dalia Bashari (IL))
Gene Therapy in Hemophilia Leslie Raffini (US)
Nursing Approach to smoother transition from inpatient to outpatient follow up. Marilyn Blumenstien (US)
Is inpatient care as good as outpatient care for VTE? Niamh Larkin (IE)
ISTH Nursing Forum Meeting
Nursing: Past, Present, and Future Maura Malone (US)
Adherence to prescribed treatment regimen is related to chronic pain among adolescent and young adults with moderate or severe hemophilia: Early results from the IMPACT QoL survey Witkop, Michelle (US)
Effectiveness of patient education in VTE prevention: a nurse led collaborative local service improvement project Brown, Rebecca (UK)
An audit of the use of novel anticoagulants: Dabiagtran and Rivaroxaban for stroke prevention in AF Rhodes, Sue (UK)


Abstract Presentations ISTH 2011

Examining the education needs of parents learning to use an infusaport in their child with hemophilia

Janine Furmedge* (AU), Paul Monagle (AU), Chris Barnes (AU), Fiona Newall (AU)

 The learning process of self infusion in haemophilia: Finally some numbers we could give to our patients

Liesbeth Helene Schrijvers* (NL), Marlene Beijlevelt-Van der Zande (NL), Marjolein

Peters (NL), Kathelijn Fischer (NL)

 An innovative clinic approach to increase patient participation in their health care

Mary Elisabeth Bauman* (CA), M. Patricia Massicotte (CA), Aisha Bruce (CA)


Invited research papers

– Survey on the role and challenges of nurses in education of home infusion for hemophilia patients and family

Orie Ono (JP)

 –– Lower than expected clot rates in the absence of effective thromboprophylaxis

Debi Smith (NZ)

 –– Initiation of warfarin therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation comparison 5mg vs. 3mg

Bunis Packham (UK)


Abstract poster presentation

 Discrepant one-stage versus chromogenic FVIII:C assays in the management of haemophilia A carriers

Claire Bell* (AU), Ross I. Baker (AU), Jim Thom (AU)

 The ongoing impact of 25 years of hepatitis C (HCV) infection in people with inherited bleeding disorders (IBD)

Allison L. Greig (UK), Steve Austin (UK)

 CVADs in children with haemophilia, a multi centre study

Karin Lindvall* (SE), Kate Khair (UK), James Porter

 Social networking in haemophilia: Adolescents’ views

Kate Khair* (UK), Mike Holland (UK), Shawn Carrington (UK)

 Functional health status assessment in haemophilia patients with the International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF, ICF-CY)

SILVIA RIVA* (IT), Gringeri Alessandro (IT), Monika Bullinger (DE), Sylvia von Mackensen (DE)

 The nurse and thrombosis center in a developing country

Eliane Partite Nobre Sandoval* (BR), Paula Ribeiro Villaca (BR), Erica Okazaki (BR), Audrey Kruse Zeinad Valim(BR),, Dalton de Alencar Fischer Chamone (BR), Elbio Antonio D’Amico(BR)

 Development of a pediatric thrombosis educational tool (flash cards) for children receiving oral anticoagulation

Leonardo Rodrigues Brandao* (CA), Elbio D'Amico (BR), Jorge D.A. Carneiro, (BR), Frederica Cassis (BR)


Abstract presentations from ISTH 2009

Venous stasis ulcer in pediatric patient with post-phlebitic syndrome

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Darlene Castles (CA)

 Psycho-social issues of adolescents with chronic illness

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Anna O'Sullivan (IE)

 Patient education and knowledge transfer

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Rebecca Goldsmith (US)

Don't see Red: Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) in patients with coagulopathies.

(selected abstract for oral presentation)

Mary Bauman (CA)


Abstract presentations from ISTH 2007


1. Improving Communication and Supporting Efficient Product Use with Electronic Recording

2. Development of a Specialization Program for Haemophilia Nurses in Italy



1. Clinical Significance of Mean Platelets Volume in Coronary Artery Disease

2. The Implementation of a Nurse Specialist Model of Care Improves Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Rates in Medical and Surgical Patients

3. Bayesian Statistical Modeling of Patients INR Records using Repeated Measures Models and Individual Time Series

4. KidClot: Kids Informed Decrease Complications: Learning on Thrombosis-Child Focused Education to Facilitate Adherence


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