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ISTH e-Newsletter: SSC 2014
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SSC 2014: Register, Submit Your Abstract & Make Plans to Attend!

The SSC 2014 meeting will be a landmark international meeting highlighting the latest discussions of diagnostic standards, disease nomenclature and classification, and research on bleeding and thrombotic disorders. With an exciting and interactive education program, SSC 2014 will kick off with an outstanding Trainee Day planned for June 22. Registration for the Trainee Day is free for those attending SSC 2014; $25 for non-SSC 2014 attendees. For a complete Trainee Day program, click here.

In addition to Trainee Day, SSC 2014 features cutting-edge education sessions and notable speakers.

SSC 2014 Education Sessions and Speakers

THROMBOSIS 2014: P. Reitsma and P. Angchaisuksiri - June 23

• Hugo ten Cate, Netherlands: Interface of Hemostasis and Inflammation with Atherosclerosis
• Walter Ageno, Italy: Antithrombotics in Clinical Practice
• Mark Crowther, Canada: Filters for PE Prophylaxis
• Arina ten Cate-Hoe, Netherlands: Post Phlebetic Syndrome
• David Garcia, USA: Debate – ASA Use in Secondary Prophylaxis – Yes
• Stephan Moll, USA: Debate – ASA Use in Secondary Prophylaxis – No
• Stephan Moll, USA: Benefit of New Anticoagulants to Warfarin (Secondary VTE)

VASCULAR INTERACTION OF COLLAGEN: E. Favaloro and A. Blanco - June 23

• Diego Mezzano, Chile: The Clinical Approach to Screening
• Rob Andrews, Australia: From the Perspective of Platelets
• Keith Neeves, USA: Platelet Interactions Under Flow
• Peter Lenting, France: From the Perspective of von Willebrand Factor
• Steve Watson, UK: Downstream Events of Collagen
• Hans Deckmyn, Belgium: Inhibition of Platelet Collagen Interaction
• Shannon Jackson, Canada: From the Perspective of Collagen – Ehlers Banlos, etc.

EVOLVING WORLD OF HEMOSTASIS: S. Schulman and Y. Hu - June 23

• Changgeng Ruan, China: The Complexities of Hemostasis Today
• Yukio Ozaki, Japan: Evolving Mechanisms of Platelet Activation
• Bill Aird, USA: Under Recognized Roles of Endothelium
• Jim Morrissey, USA: How is Clotting Initiated?
• Augusto Rendon, UK: The Reactome of Megakaryocytes and Platelets
• Bjorn Dahlback, Sweeden: Interactions of FV and TFPI


• Isaac Odame, Canada: State of SCD in the Developing World
• Francoise Bernaudin, France: Cerebral Vasculopathy in HgbSS
• Cheryl Hillery, USA: Coagulopathy of Sickle Cell Disease in Murine Models
• Greg Kato, USA: Multifactorial Etiology of Arteriopathy in SCD
• Kenneth Ataga, USA: Activation of Clotting in SCD
• Suthat Fuchharoen, Thailand: Vascular and Cardiac Toxicity in Thalassemia


• Andrew Paterson, Canada: Optimal Strategies for Complex Genetic Testing
• Howard Jacob, USA: Personalized Medicine – A Current Reality
• Pierre Morange, France: GWAS and VTE
• Frank Leebeek, Netherlands: GWAS, VWD / VTE
• Willem Ouwehand, UK: Role of Genomic Medicine in Patients with Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders
• David Lillicrap, Canada: Thrombogenomics and the Role of SSC in 2020

HEMOSTASIS AND INFLAMMATION: A. Greinacher and J. Badimon - June 25

• Denisa Wagner, USA: Inflammation and Thrombosis: Entangled in NETs
• Wolfram Ruf, USA: Critical Roles of Hemostasis in Cancer
• Christopher Jackson, Australia: Protein C and the Clinical Effects in Diabetes
• Patricia Liaw, Canada: Basic and Translational Studies of Extracellular DNA in Sepsis
• Bernhard Nieswandt, Germany: Platelet Mechanisms in Ischemic Stroke

VASCULAR BIOLOGY OF MALARIA: D. Kenny and N. Kassim - June 25

• Chite Assirwa, Kenya: Clinical Impact of Malaria in Developing Countries and a Review of its Infectious Life-Cycle
• James O’Donnell, Ireland: VWF Interactions and Reactions in Malaria
• Ivo Francischetti, USA: Blood Coagulation in Malaria
• Pascal Rihet, France: Platelets Alter EC Gene Expression in Malaria
• Craig Morrell, USA: Platelet Modulation of the Immune Response in Murine Models
• Christopher Moxon, UK / Malaw: EC EPCR and Malaria

THERAPEUTICS OF TOMORROW: D. Varon and Y. Kawai - June 25

• Margaret Ozelo, Brazil: Impact of New Therapeutics in the Developing World
• Morty Poncz, USA: In Vitro Platelets
• Paul Monahan, USA: Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
• Koen Mertens, Netherlands: Altered FVIII and FIX and Assay Differences
• Alan Mast, USA: TFPI
• Tadashi Matsushita, Japan: Soluble Thrombomodulin as a Therapeutic (ART123)
• Midori Shima, Japan: Bi-Specific Antibodies as FVIII Mimetics in Hemophilia


• Claire McLintock, New Zealand: Obstetrical Hemostasis
• Gili Kenet, Israel: Neonatal Thrombosis and Hemostasis or Platelet Assessment and Treatment in the Newborn
• Guy Young, USA: Newer Antithrombotics in Pediatrics
• Ulrike Nowak-Gottl, Germany: Post Thrombotic Syndrome in Children
• Martha Sola-Visner, USA: Understanding the Neonatal Platelet

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