International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Inc.
2014 Educational Sessions Schedule

Monday, June 23 8:00-11:45

Education 1

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Room Session Name
203 C-E
Evolving World of Hemostasis
202 C-E
Thrombosis 2014
202 A&B
Vascular Biology of Hemoglobinopathies
201 A&B
Vascular Interaction of Collagen


Tuesday, June 24 8:30-12:00

Plenary Session

Room Lecture Name Lecture Title Speaker
Wisconsin Center Ballroom D
  Introduction Robert Montgomery (USA)
Kenneth M. Brinkhous Memorial Lecture Optimal Strategies for Complex Genetic Traits Andrew Paterson (Canada)
Shirley Johnson Memorial Lecture Personalized Medicine - A Current Reality Howard Jacob (USA)
Armand J. Quick
Memorial Lecture
Supported by the Armand J. Quick Foundation and
Medical College of Wisconsin
GWAS and VTE Pierre Morange (France)
 Coffee break
Wisconsin Center Ballroom D
Marion Barnhart Memorial  Lecture GWAS of VWF: Implications for Disease? Frank Leebeek (the Netherlands)
Pia Glas-Greenwalt Memorial Lecture
Genomic Medicine in the Care Path of Patients with Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders
Willem Ouwehand (UK)

Thrombogenomics and the Role of SSC in 2020
David Lillicrap (Canada)

The ISTH SSC 2014 Plenary Session is supported in part by an educational grant from the BloodCenter of Wisconsin


Wednesday, June 25 14:00-17:30

Education 2

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Room Session Name
202 C-E
Hemostasis and Inflammation
201 A&B
Pediatric and Perinatal Hemostasis
203 C-E
Therapeutics of Tomorrow
202 A&B
Vascular Biology of Malaria


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